What do I do once I get her number?

How long should you wait to call after getting a phone number?
You meet a nice guy or girl and you hit it off. You got their phone number but how long should you wait before giving them a call?

If you’ve seen the movie Swingers, you know what i’m talking about. Let’s look at some of the possible scenarios you may find yourself in:


Call Right Away (within the first half-hour)

How you see it: Just making sure they got home safely; or you just really enjoyed their company
and you wanted to talk some more
How they see it: I just talked to this person 30 minutes ago what else could they want to talk about?


Call 3-6 Days Later
How you see it: Didn’t want to seem too desperate and/or wanted them to spend a few days thinking about why you weren’t calling.
How they see it: They didn’t call because they were trying to look cool; what do they look like again?


Call 7+ Days Later
How you see it: Been busy and haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe the other person will want me more if I show them how little I care.
How they see it: Who are you?
The truth is, if you meet someone for the first time, how likely are they to remember you after a week? Now add drinks into the equation and you’re lucky if they remember you the next day. Call the next day if you want to be safe, wait two days if you enjoy living on the edge.



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