How do I flirt?

Why should you flirt? Because it’s fun, and because it can land you dates like no other if you master it.

Great flirting is about being confident and fun. Unsuccessful flirting is too out there and too self-absorbed. This guide will explain how to start flirting well.


Flirting can happen at any stage of conversation or relationship. You could have just met and can flirt, whatever feels appropriate.

  • Be interested

Few things are more attractive than someone who’s totally into you. Show off your interest into the other person, and your flirting will likely succeed.

Paying genuine attention and showing interest is a great start

  • Lock eyes 

Connect eyes with the other person. This will show interest and will give you an idea if the other is receptive to your flirting or not. If they give eye contact, you’re in the green.

  • Play 

Teasing and laughing are fair play in flirting. Play fighting is a great way to push the boundary and find out truly how much chemistry you two may share

  • Touch

Bumping knees, brushing arms, and nudging under the table are all actions you can use to flirt.

  • Flatter

Tell her she’s beautiful.

Tell her sincerely how you feel about her and she will likely feel flattered and love it.



  • Use your senses

Does it feel hot in here? Use your senses to feel what the other person is feeling.

  • Take a chance 

Go for it! The chances of failure are low, and even if you do fail, the consequences are little.


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