How to stop being nervous?

To start dating, you need to start with confidence. This article will show you how to control your fear, appear more confident, and grow your self-esteem.

Are people born with confidence? No.

Can people develop confidence? Absolutely.

Confidence is all about losing fear. So what is fear? Fear is a formidable power that can paralyze you, it can be the difference between becoming the world’s next millionaire and a complete loser. Fear is an emotion, and emotions can be controlled.


How do I control fear?

  •       “What is the worst thing that could happen” 

If you start a conversation with a women, the worst thing that happens is she slaps you because your jokes are bad, she walks away because you’re too awesome, or you end up not liking her. What is there to lose?

This is a mantra you must always use if you have a fear of socializing. “What is the worst thing that can happen?’

Clearly a world war will not happen, and your ears won’t fall off because you talked to a women.

  • Breathe 

You wouldn’t believe how many guys can’t talk to a women because they are literally choking to death in front of them.

Seriously, you need to breathe and maintain full human function while talking to a women.

If you feel your breathe shortening, your palms getting sweaty, and your head getting light, taking deep breaths while talking to a women will help.


How do I appear confident? 

Confidence is the ability to show others that you believe in your own ability. Below are ways to appear more confident.

  • Make eye contact

Face forwards and look them straight in the eyes. This is the first thing they teach you in sales, and should be the first thing you do when you’re selling yourself to a woman.

  • Smile

Smiling breaks down the defense, and opens the walls to your conversation. Smiling will quite literally give you an opening right into her castle.

  • Stand straight

Have you heard the figure of speech “spineless”? It means a person who is cowardly and weak. Keep your spine straight, and you will appear five times more confident than the guy next to you.


Improving self-esteem 

Self-esteem is internal confidence. If you can grow your self-esteem you will feel more confident to speak to women, and take leaps in whatever you’d like to do. Here’s a few tips on how to improve your self-esteem.

  • Be your own cheerleader 

If today you are not your own biggest cheerleader, change that right now. Nobody else wants your own personal success than yourself, not even your mom.

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can achieve great things. Tell yourself you look great, and you will see a difference immediately.

  • Challenge yourself 

Science agrees that putting yourself in challenging situations increases your self esteem regardless of if you succeed or not.

If you talk to the girl you’re sitting next to, science shows that your self-esteem will grow regardless of if she slaps you in the face or thinks you’re a stud.


What’s next?

You are doing great. You’ve shown an interest in growing your confidence which is a big step forwards. Now you need to put these steps into action. Learn how to put your fears aside, appear more confident, and improve your self esteem.


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