How do I start the Conversation?

What is the best way to approach? You only need two steps to make a great impact in your first conversation with her.


First impression 

  • Choose your first-impression strategy 

What image do you want to display? Do you want to be like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?

Tell yourself exactly what image you want to give your potential date. Do you want to appear nervous or confident? Do you want to appear smart or arrogant?

Once you know who you want to be, you can start playing your role.

  • Look in the mirror 

You want to be Han Solo, but your facial hair, your attitude, and your intelligence matches Chewbacca.

If you don’t watch Star Wars, what i’m saying is if you want to look awesome, intelligent, you need to look it.

Is your hair clean? Do your pits smell? Look yourself in the mirror and ask if you’d want to talk to this person.

  • Calm your nerves, and appear confident

Practice the action items in “Step 1: Lose your Nerve”.

These include mind sets and physical actions that improve confidence and calming your nervous emotions.


Go for it

  • What am I supposed to say? 

Make your introduction and then focus your attention on her only.

Ask her surface level questions about herself, what she spends her time doing, and what she likes to eat for fun.

Always comment on her response, rather than immediately firing another question.

If your conversation deepens and there’s a connection, begin asking deeper level questions about herThese include questions like what is your family like? Do you have any pets? What do you like in a man?

Introduction, surface questions, deeper questions, and you’re well on your way to making a move.


Close the deal 

  • Leave an action item behind 

This is the most important piece of this article. If nothing has stuck, please focus on the next two sentences.

After your first conversation you will have learned a lot about this person.

If you want to pursue this person, leave an action item behind. “Do you want to get ice cream after school?”, “Do you want to get out of the club and have some wine”?

Whatever it is, always leave a item to do next.


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